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CDO2: Dungeon Defense APK v00.52.01 MOD (Unlimited Gold)

CDO2: Dungeon Defense APK v00.52.01 MOD (Unlimited Gold)
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You are now a Chief Dungeon Officer (CDO)!
Your one and only mission is to keep your dungeon running as long as possible.
Command the Demon King and deploy monsters to keep out the hordes of heroes!

ㆍMore than 90 different monsters
Monsters with unique attributes depending on their type, race, and role!
Summon the appropriate monsters for the best synergy between their attributes!

ㆍVarious items requiring strategic choices
More than 80 kinds of equipment that can be worn by individuals monsters.
More than 30 kinds of Totems that can be placed in each room of the dungeon.
More than 90 kinds of Relics that grant effects to the entire dungeon!
Choose the best items to match your strategy!

ㆍRandom events
More than 100 events with their own stories!
Check out the list of upcoming events and come up with the best strategy!

ㆍThe dungeon's fate can change in a moment
Invest in long-term research,
Make use of Goblin Bandits and pillaging to make up for scarce resources,
Have your Demon King consume monsters to raise his stats,
Make choices and see how they play out in battle!

ㆍPermanent secondary attributes
Gain incredible advantages according to the level of secondary attributes.
Earn as many as you can through gameplay!

ㆍReach your limits, and beyond!
Reach 50 years to clear the game, and then carry on through Challenge Mode at a higher difficulty!
As the difficulty increases, penalties accumulate.
Try your own strategy in extreme conditions!

ㆍLonger than a year, competitive mode
Competitive mode that competes with other users without a separate clear!
Rewards are given every Monday with ranking initialization.
Show off your skills under different conditions every week!

*It may not work properly on your PC app player. Please play on mobile as much as possible.

CDO2: Dungeon Defense ver 00.52.01
- Balance adjustment

Please refer to the in-game patch note for details.
Unlimited Gold
CDO2: Dungeon Defense APK v00.52.01 MOD (Unlimited Gold)
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CDO2:Dungeon Defense
CDO2:Dungeon Defense 00.52.01 Mod
March 7, 2023

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Unlimited Gold
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