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What is Google Play Protect?


The Google Play Protect setup is the collective name used for Google’s online and offline security functions that guarantee secure apps on any phone you download them to.

Google play protect does more than scan for malware

Google Play Protect, popularly thought of as an excellent tool for finding and combating malware, is much more than that. It is a complete package of protective services for Android. Play Protect uses both on-device and cloud-based services to secure your phone, starting where the application layer begins to triage the problem. Once apps are installed on your phone, even the developer who plays no role in its security has no responsibility for what happens after that; this is where tools like those Play Protect provides come in.

Google says that Play Protect is widely deployed as an antivirus software by many businesses. That’s because the integrated software is part of every Android cell phone that runs Google’s Mobile Services and has over two billion users. If your phone has access to the Play Store, it is protected by Google Play Protect. While it runs malware scans, Play Protect scans all the apps, even those you didn’t download from Google Play, on every Android phone every day. It also consistently checks to verify that it has the current version of data to find them.

When a questionable program is detected, Play Protect will ask you if you want it disabled. Depending on the severity of what it could do, the PHA might be blocked so it will never be used up once again. It could also prompt you to completely remove it from your phone. If Play Protect overlooks an app that it believes is dangerous, you may turn on it again manually and choose another app if it’s updated or changes its functionality in the future.

Another feature of Play Protect is the Find My Device feature. Find My Device is enabled by default on every Android phone with version Android 4.4 or later. You can use an app or a web browser to locate and ring your lost phone, check the last connected WiFi point, and more, check its battery level, lock it, and then erase all your data in the event that Find My Device is turned off (you did this during your phone’s setup procedure). As long as you have to Find My Device active (you did this during your phone’s setup process), all you need to do is visit google.com on Google to search for the phone.

It starts in the cloud

Like most things Google does, Play Protect begins in the cloud for both apps you installed from the Play Store and methods to inspect apps you downloaded from somewhere else. Once an application is uploaded, Google uses machine learning to determine whether or not it is suitable for download. However, determinations sometimes require human analysis. Apps are also subject to an internal review to make sure the Developer Distribution Agreement is complied with before they’re made available to Google Play users. Google utilizes an automated system to ensure that the Developer Distribution Agreement is followed.

If the automated checker discovers anything suspicious during these processes, it is flagged for a manual review by a Google security analyst. Occasionally we hear about software overcoming this process, but not that often. Additionally, Google can analyze apps downloaded from third-party sources if you are not in the habit of disallowing Play Protect from mitigating harmful app detection in your phone’s App security settings. And you should make sure that you do this. This optional setting allows Google to experiment with new methods for detecting potentially dangerous apps. When used with information from third-party sources that have found bad apps and various heuristics, Google Play Protect can keep your phone from being threatened by harmful applications you loaded onto the device using the very same defenses it uses for apps downloaded from the Play Store.

It just works

No one is ever completely happy, but Google Play Protect is an example of an app that does everything it advertises and precisely what it is supposed to do. It doesn’t mitigate your smartphone use, requires no preparation or setup, and is always striving to make our lives better. This is a kind we like to see, and the services which make the very best Android phones even better.

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